Introduction to Amazon Device Farm

We know that testing on mobile devices can be a challenge considering the variations in devices available these days. The broad range of devices, manufactures, models, operating systems, different versions of the same operating system, screen sizes makes it seemingly impossible to create an extensive test matrix. Also having a wide range of physical devices is NOT possible for every app developer. As a result, many app developers compromise on their testing or limit themselves to a smaller market by catering to a smaller subset of available devices. So what’s the solution? AWS Device Farm! (There are other device farms available as well, but this post is about AWS Device Farm!)

In early July 2015, Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiled their new device farm, called Amazon Device Farm. Mobile app developers will be able to test apps quickly and securely on real Android and Fire OS smartphones and tablets using the Amazon device farm. At the time of writing this post, the device farm supports more than 200 unique (as defined by device and operating system) environments.

The way it works is

  • Mobile app developer will upload the app to be tested to the device far and select the devices that the app is to be tested on
  • Initiate a test run of choice (what different kind of tests you can run on Amazon device farm and how, we (RightQA) will cover an in-depth article on that.)
  • Once the test is run, the developer can get real-time reports of the tests, so that the issues can be identified and fixed, quickly.

Amazon Device farm also allows you to integrate the device farm with your development workflow. You can use service plug-ins and API to automatically initiate the tests from you CI (Continuous Integration) systems like Jenkins.

Device farm offers first 250 device minutes for free. After the free device minutes, pricing is based on device minutes, which are determined by the number of devices you use for testing and the duration your tests runs for.

More information can be found here

In coming posts, we will write how you can use Appium tests to run on Amazon Device Farm.

Also, if you don’t have your automated tests for mobile apps, RightQA can help you create a suite of automated tests for your mobile application so that you can release your app with confidence.