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QA for startups with ZERO efforts!

Right QA writes and maintains your end-to-end tests so your team can focus on delivering features

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Why Right QA?

Zero Efforts

No lock-in contracts

Run tests on schedule or on demand

Get video captures for your test run


How it works

Identify test cases

STEP #1.

We work with you to prioritize a list of test cases to test.

Write automated tests

STEP #2.

Once the test cases are identified, we automate them.

CI Integration

STEP #3.

The automated tests will be integrated with CI. Tests can be run on schedule or on demand.

Maintain Tests

STEP #4.

We update and maintain your tests as needed so that you can deliver features with confidence.


Some answers to most frequently asked questions


What is Right QA?

Right QA writes and maintains your automated end-to-end tests. You get the benefit of having an in-house QA Engineer, but without the hassle of hiring, training and managing them.

What kind of tests does Right QA write?

Right QA writes and maintains your end-to-end tests. That means, we will write automated tests to use your application just like a real world user would. For example, for an e-commerce application, we will write a test that searches a product, adds to cart, updates cart and finally checkout.

I have a few other questions that are not here. What do I do?

We know that. We have intentionally not answered all the questions here. We would like to have an opportunity to chat to you and explain how we can add value to your business (in terms of automated testing). So, please reach out to us to discuss things in further details.


How much does it cost?

Interesting question! Well, we charge a flat monthly fee for automated test creation and maintenance. This fee depends on many factors like your requirements, no. of tests, how you want to run them etc. Please contact us to get a custom quote for your team.

Are we tied with Right QA or is there a lock-in?

No. There is no lock-in and our plan is month-on-month, so you can cancel anytime you like with no penalty. You own the code, so we will handover the code to you when you cancel the plan. Then your team can maintain the tests and run them as you see fit.